Movers in West Palm Beach, FL


Movers in West Palm Beach, FL

Brandon Transfer & Storage Co., Inc. movers in West Palm Beach has been providing careful professional moving service for nearly 100 years. According to family records, our moving company was founded way back in 1919, and we’ve been priding ourselves on great customer service ever since.


We became a charter member agent for Allied Van Lines in 1935 for domestic and international moving services, and we remain an authorized agent to this day.


In today’s world of businesses that fold within a year or two of start-up, it is remarkable to find a company that has had that kind of presence for such a long period of time, and for our customers, that means being reliable and trustworthy.

Local Movers In West Palm Beach

Residential Moving in West Palm Beach, FL

As local movers, we provide service in the Palm Beach area for moving your household belongings to another home or apartment, or perhaps for the young adult in the family going off to college. We are also long distance movers that can handle moves beyond the borders of the state into other areas of the country, for those situations where you may have to re-locate to take advantage of a great career opportunity. If need be, we can even be your international movers when circumstances call for a major change in your life, and an extended period out of the country becomes necessary.


Whether your move is two blocks away or two countries away, Brandon Transfer & Storage has the experience and the professionalism to make it happen painlessly for you.

Commercial Movers

If your move is not a residential one but for a business, Brandon Transfer & Storage also is very experienced as commercial movers, and we can get all the chairs, desks, filing cabinets, computer equipment, and everything else safely re-located to the new office without any kind of damage. When you need to get all your office equipment from one place to another in perfect condition, ours is the company to be trusted with the job, because our movers have been trained in the best methods to use for safely transporting office goods.


Besides doing residential and commercial moving, Brandon Transfer & Storage also specializes in several other areas that we take great pride in offering to our customers. We are one of only a few companies in the area that has the expertise to properly move sensitive medical equipment for local or long-distance situations. There are a great many complexities involved with international moves, but we have become one of the most respected and reliable agents for Allied Van Lines in accomplishing these kind of potentially difficult operations.

Medical Moving in West Palm Beach, FL

Rigging Service


Brandon Transfer & Storage is the only company in West Palm Beach that offers a Rigging Service that can handle moving the biggest, heaviest loads of equipment, art work, bulky furniture, and other objects beyond the capabilities of ordinary movers.


Because we have partnered with affiliate companies that also specialize in this area, we can offer unique services that you might not find anywhere else.

Storage Services

When you need to have household goods or commercial goods stored for a period of time, our company can provide the best storage services in West Palm Beach. You have a choice of climate controlled or non-climate controlled storage environments for your items.  Whether you have huge bulky office furniture, delicate computer equipment, or even fine wines and clothing, all your valuables will emerge from storage in the same perfect condition as before.


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Brandon Transfer & Storage has established a reputation for itself over the last century as one of the premier moving and storage companies in West Palm Beach, and part of the reason for that is that we have always retained that family-oriented approach to our business. When you need to make any kind of move, or have any kind of goods stored for any length of time, let our family be the company that helps your family.


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Storage Services in West Palm Beach, FL

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We’ve been the go-to moving and storage company in West Palm Beach for almost 100 years!

In the days of horse and buggies when most women were home doing chores, Mary Brandon was out starting the very first moving and storage company in West Palm Beach, Florida, and formed Brandon Transfer & Storage Company in 1919, according to family records. In 1935, Mary Brandon joined the leading moving and warehousemen in major cities as an agent for Allied Van Lines, the rest is what’s known as Brandon history

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